Our meat always make a statement!
By focusing on what sets us apart from other all-day eateries, we break the mould. Our understanding, our culinary inspiration and our passion for meat. From our thoughtful use of Turkish spices to creating an experience that’s comfortable and relaxing, what you see reflects our heart and soul.
Our Story

About us

An all-day eatery infused with a passion for meat, diversity of flavors and a warm, welcoming ambience. Our premium selection of meat are rare, red and remarkable like the exceptional gemstone Ruby. And much like the stone, our meat come in different cuts.
You’ll find warmth and comfort in our menu. It's a little celebration of family, culture, and roots. Our food is a reflection of our values: passion, love, and respect. All the ingredients are handpicked to reflect the mood, time period, and emotion of the dish. Our meals are intended to take you on a journey.

Love that can be tasted!


Our signature menu features classic Turkish favorites, fusion of diverse cuisines, and excellent meat delicacies. Our sources of inspiration include our people, our families, new ingredients, new ideas, and authentic cooking techniques.

Handpicked Ingredients

Handcrafted Menu

We cannot thank the staff and chefs of Ruby enough, for all their hard work! This was the perfect bridal shower I had imagined for my sister. The night was just perfect, and we received lots of complements on the food! All of your waitstaff could not be more accommodating! They allowed the night to run smoothly and every detail that was asked for was completed! The ambiance itself was so warm and welcoming. Thank you for helping me make this a memorable event for my sister.



This was the most relaxing fine-dining experience we’ve ever had. Simply put, the food and service was amazing. The flavours were full, and the meat delicacies were tender and delicious, and in such generous portions. Every mouthful was a delight and a new experience for us. Not everything was served all at once. The servers read the room and brought in our food, as and when we were finishing the previous course. It was truly a warm evening

Robert Chang


We would just like to thank you and your team for bringing our weekend to an end, on such a high note. Both your chef and waiters were super friendly, respectful, skilled, accommodating and professional. Everyone had a lovely time and a great dinner. Even our fussiest eaters enjoyed the meal, and I am sure you’ve gained a few more fans. The level of service provided by the Ruby team made my family feel so extremely welcomed, and as expected, the food was delicious. It was a delightful experience all round.

Andrea Chung


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Our rustic, warm, and customizable private dining area is the perfect place to host your next event. In addition to rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions, our private dining room is an ideal location for business meetings and social gatherings.
But it’s not always about the events. You can also contact us to reserve a table for you, your family and your friends, to enjoy some quality time over good food and great ambience.
Don’t Worry. Eat Happy!

OUR HONESTY is the foundation of our trust.
OUR COMMITMENT helps us do things that we wouldn’t otherwise dream of doing
OUR TEAMWORK helps us achieve our goals together
OUR RESPECT for each other, for our guests and for the world doesn’t go unnoticed
OUR OWNERSHIP is the reason we never compromise on the quality of our food and service.

Welcome to Ruby!
We are here to make an impression 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

مطعمنا مفتوح طوال اليوم ومليء بشغف خاص للحوم وتنوع النكهات وأجواء دافئة وترحيبية. اختياراتنا الممتازة من اللحوم النادرة والحمراء والرائعة مثل حجر ياقوت روبي الاستثنائي. ومثل الحجر، تأتي لحومنا في قطع مختلفة. ستجد الدفء والراحة في قائمتنا. إنه احتفال صغير بالأسرة والثقافة والجذور. طعامنا هو انعكاس لقيمنا: الشغف والحب والاحترام. يتم اختيار جميع المكونات يدويًا لتعكس الحالة المزاجية والفترة الزمنية والمشاعر في الطبق الواحد. تهدف وجباتنا إلى اصطحابك في رحلة مميزة لا تُنسى!